Roller Shutters Colchester

Colchester is well known for its retail and restaurants, with all sizes and types of businesses all nestled together in one place. From niche, specialised shops to award winning restaurants , all of these precious businesses in Colchester need protecting, which is why G T Industrial doors is happy to be one of the main suppliers of roller shutters in Colchester. We work hard to keep all types of properties safe – from side street cafes to industrial warehouses –  and do our very best to provide outstanding customer service.

One Of The Top Suppliers Of Roller Shutters In Colchester

Our roller shutters for store fronts give you the option of keeping your business safe while at the same time maintaining your shop’s aesthetic. Our roller shutters come in all sizes and have varying features that will suit your property. While roller shutters are most commonly used in shops in Colchester, the extensive range of roller shutters we have available means that they can be used in most other types of properties as well. They can be made to fit almost any sized opening and each have features that allow specialised protection from everything from wind, to fire, to thieves. Choose between our manual roller shutters, electric roller shutters, insulated roller shutters, aluminium roller shutters. Security roller shutters and fire rated roller shutters. If you’re not sure which type is the right one for your property, you can always refer to our experts to get an expert opinion.

New roller shutter and steel door installed in Tendring near Colchester
New roller shutter and steel door installed in Tendring near Colchester

Commercial And Industrial Roller Shutter Installation & Repairs In Colchester

Our roller shutter installation service in Colchester is carried out by our expert engineers who are highly trained to fully inspect the roller shutter after it’s been installed, so you can feel safe knowing that your roller shutters were installed by some of the best in the business.

Also, to ensure that you and your property are always sufficiently protected, we offer a range of services to accompany your roller shutter installation in Colchester, including regular servicing and repairs. By arranging a maintenance services contract with us when you purchase your roller shutters from us, our engineers will inspect them at least once every 12 months and return them to full working order if they find any faults. This will prevent you from realising that something is wrong only when it’s too late and will also save you the cost of any extensive repairs.

However, if the time ever does come that you roller shutter becomes damaged, our 24/7 emergency are available when you need them. With one quick call they’ll be on their way with their equipment and ready to repair your roller shutter so that you don’t have to spend a sleepless night worrying about what might happen. So, if you’re ever feeling vulnerable or helpless, we’re here to help and give you back your confidence.

If you’re interested in having roller shutters installed or have any queries about our products or services, don’t hesitate to call 01277 523 696 and ask our experts.